Navin Kundra’s HOT New Dance Track Releases TODAY Worldwide!


*****UPDATE***** Within 36 hours of its release, PA NA NA has reached the #3 spot on iTunes World Charts!

Navin Kundra’s sizzling new dance track released today to a global audience. It has, for the last few days, been playing on airwaves from the UK to Kenya to the US and beyond! Navin says it’s a tune that will get stuck in your brain straight away.

Keep it locked here for an exclusive interview with Navin coming very soon! In the meantime, please hit up iTunes or the other digital download sites to get a LEGAL copy of PA NA NA today and get dancing!

iTunes –
Amazon –
Google Play –

For further information, enquiries or interview requests, please contact Navin’s manager, Nyrone Persaud at or Navin’s PR Agent, Raj Ghai at

Navin’s Official Website
Navin on Facebook
Navin on Twitter
Navin on YouTube

One thought on “Navin Kundra’s HOT New Dance Track Releases TODAY Worldwide!

  1. It’s an awesome track !!! I got mine last night and now I can stay Pumped up in the Gym!!!

    Been dancing to it on my way to work this morning !!! Pa Na na na na na na na naa ! #PANANA

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