Singer Attracts Thousands To Good Causes

Navin Kundra entertaining residents at Kenbrook Nursing Home for Sewa Day

Chart topping British Asian singer Navin Kundra has been attracting thousands of youngsters to support various charities. Navin said that he felt giving to charities isn’t a priority for many youngsters and that they should become more involved in charitable work from an early age.

“Many think of charity as only giving money, but that’s a flippant misconception,” said Navin whilst in Brent over the weekend at a nursing home supporting new charity ‘Wishful Smiles’ for Sewa Day. He explained, “Charity is much more than just giving some spare change. Give a little of your time and you’ll see the difference you make immediately. I’d encourage everyone to take even just one day a month of their lives off and give it to those who need it most.”

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Over the last three years, the award-winning entertainer has helped raise thousands of pounds for various charities and is an Ambassador for:

 The British Asian Trust founded by HRH the Prince of Wales
 Silver Star which brings further awareness to Diabetes
 Wishful Smiles which aims to tackle poverty around the world.

Navin also recently met with Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan at the Houses of Parliament during a reception hosted by British Prime Minister David Cameron’s wife, Samantha Cameron for the initiative on diabetes sixth anniversary in support of Silver Star, for which the actor is international patron. Speaking on the experience, Navin said “It was an honour to meet the Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan joining him in support of the Silver Star charity, and to be thanked by him personally for my contribution.”

Amitabh Bachchan and Navin Kundra

Co-founder of the new charity Wishful Smiles, Tia Jounija said, “Since Navin Kundra became our ambassador we have been inundated with volunteer requests from his fans and other youngsters. His support has been invaluable and we are honoured that he will be travelling with us for Project India.”

Navin Kundra with the Wishful Smiles team who are now preparing for ‘Project India’

As an artist, Navin has already amassed six number one singles with hits like ‘Shudaayi’ and ‘Tere Liye’. He has helped raise £10,000 for the British Asian Trust by breaking a Guinness World Record with his music, and picked up the ‘Entertainer Of The Year’ Award in the Houses of Parliament earlier this year. He was also nominated at the 2013 Asian Achievers Awards for the ‘Excellence in Art, Media and Culture Award’ and is now gearing up to release his forthcoming single ‘PA NA NA’ on November 7th.

Navin Kundra Record Breaker

“I’m pleased that my work is being recognised on such platforms. Having received so much love from the fans for my music, I now want to use my position as a role model favourably and do some good in a world where many need help,” said Navin.

For more information on Navin Kundra, the charities he supports and exclusive updates on the new single, ‘PA NA NA’ releasing Nov 7th, visit Navin’s Official Website

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