Getting Up Close and Personal with Navin

Navin Kundra

In conjunction with Mehbooba’s release, Navin has agreed to sit down with I Crave Bollywood for an intense interview about his music and his life.

Simi – Congratulations on the great success of Tere Liye and its stay on the top of the charts for 6 weeks!

Navin - Thank you.

Simi – So what can you tell us about your amazing new track Mehbooba?

Navin – ‘Mehbooba’ is about a guy who has fallen for this girl big time and wants to have a dance with her! Honestly, it’s a fun dance track…as soon as the beat drops, it lifts you up. I wanted to switch up my style with this single and make it different from ‘Tere Liye’. Mehbooba has a middle eastern dance hall feel with a catchy chorus! You should download your copy on iTunes now!

Simi – What does it feel like when you’re composing?
Navin – That’s a really difficult one to explain because a lot of the time, melodies will just come out of nowhere for me. I don’t have to feel a certain way to write that type of song i.e. I don’t have to be in love to compose a love song. I’ll sit with my guitar or at the keys and start humming a melody – I’m not sure exactly where it comes from or what I feel at that point in time. But I do know that I try to record everything that comes out and then later decide on which parts I’m going to use for the song.
Simi – How about when you’re writing?

Navin – This is a lot more conscious and I try to write songs from different points of view. It’s a lot like acting in a sense because I tend to write as if I’m a different person who has or is experiencing what I’m writing about. Sometimes it can be frustrating when I can’t find the right lyrics to make the song work, and other times the words just seem to write themselves! The whole creative process is still a real mystery to me…I think the trick is to not think about it too much and try to feel it more.
Simi – Singing?

Navin – When I’m singing, I feel elated and it’s always a self-fulfilling experience.

Simi – And finally, while you’re playing music?

Navin – Playing music has a real calming and peaceful effect on me. These questions are real deep Simi!

Simi – Haan, they were meant to be. After all, this is a personal interview. We want the fans to in a sense be as much a part of the musical experience as possible. Now, in regards to your quote – “Look after your art and your art will look after you”, do you think that you give more to it than you get back or visa versa?

Navin – I think initially you have to give a lot more than you get back, but that’s the period where you can really develop and nurture your art. The more you give, the more it will give back (hopefully!)

Simi – Do the rehearsals/preparations/travel and gigs get overwhelming at times? If so, what do you do to get through it and how much does nervousness figure in to the mix?

Navin – Of course – the schedules can really take it out of you. I have a documentary coming up on TV soon where a camera crew followed me for a day and that will give you an insight into what life is like on the road. What gets me through it is the passion I have for what I do – I love it and never take for granted that I’m fortunate enough to do what I enjoy doing. The support that I get from all my friends, family and fans really helps. It’s interesting that you mention nervousness because I always get nervous before a performance – I find that it’s a good positive energy and when people ask me ‘why are you nervous?’ I always say ‘because I care’. Whether it’s 5 minutes or 3 hours, 50 people or 50,000 – that’s my time to entertain people and want it to be the best that it can be. I always think of each show as my first and last so it’s important to make it count!

Simi – That is a very beautiful perspective Navin. Is there a special ritual-type thing or mantra you do/say before every show to get into the mindset?

Navin – There is but that’s very personal to me – it’s about focus and energy.

Simi – When you’re singing, composing or performing etc., do you ever get lost in the moment, forget where you are and imagine that you are somewhere else?

Navin – All the time! I tend to close my eyes when I’m singing certain songs so that I can lose myself in the mix. I’ve got no idea where I go to though!

Simi – How much of what you express through the words/music/feelings come from your personal experiences (i.e. ever been in love/lost a love).

Navin – About half – the other half comes from other people’s experiences and randomness!

Simi – What do your fans mean to you?

Navin – Let’s put it this way…if I didn’t have the love and support of my fans I probably wouldn’t be making music now. They mean so much to me and I never take them for granted. I try to make time for all my fans and love interacting and meeting with them. Our relationship has been built through my music so as you can imagine, I feel a strong connection with fans and they really do make all the hard work worthwhile!

Simi – Being the true romantic that you are, without using any lyrics that you or anyone else has written so far, How would you tell a girl (either in spoken words or in a song) that you really cared about how you felt if you realized that you were falling in love with her? Would you tell her if you were not absolutely sure that she felt the same way about you?

Navin - Wow…another deep question! Of course I’d tell her – might as well! (laughs) But I would tell her without any expectations because often, expectations lead to disappointment. If she doesn’t feel the same way … well … plenty more Mehboobas in the sea!!!

Simi – Hmmm very interesting. Do you have a favorite place to go to just be alone and think about things?

Navin – My bed

Simi – If there was one thing that you could do that was totally unrelated to anything having to do with music, what would it be?

Navin - Go into space and explore the Universe. The thought of having no gravity and no limits seems exciting!

Simi - Actually it does seem exciting. Last burning question – What is the progress of album and world tour?

Navin – The album is coming along really well and I’m pleased with the way it’s sounding and shaping up. It’s nearly finished now so should hopefully be out soon. In the mean time, all my songs can be brought from my website at and the new single Mehbooba is now available on iTunes! Touring the world is something I can’t wait to do and I’m already working on new ideas for the tour. I’m currently working with my team Eastern Illusion to create a new live show with universal appeal which I hope to take around the world with my music.

Simi – Anything you’d like to include?

Navin – A big THANK YOU to everyone that’s supported me on my journey so far – we’re in this together and we have no idea what tomorrow will bring so keep living it up! Also, I recently hit the 5,000 friends limit on Facebook so I can’t add anymore friends (which is really annoying)! So now you can add me on my Facebook fan page which thankfully has no limits! Peace & Love!

Simi – Thank you so much Navin for finding time in your especially hectic schedule to sit down and speak candidly with ICB. All the best with your present and future endeavors.

Navin – Thank you Simi.

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